A place where you can upload ICT-based homework and download Year 8 History resources.

This section contains book lists to help you undertake independent learning, but also to enrich your understanding of the world, and historical periods.

The books selected are intended to appeal to a wide range of people, across age ranges and across interests. There should be something which appeals to everyone. If in doubt, do ask. I have also not sought to patronise readers so those books identified for older readers usually are written in a more academic way, so may be less suitable for causal holiday / poolside reading for Year Sevens!  

Some parents / carers may wish to check books before the students read them - some do contain themes of a more group up nature, but again, I seek to extend the possibilities of your reading, not to patronise according to age.

I suggest you find a section that interests you, find a book and title of interest to you - you could use Amazon just to see the reviews to find the sort of book which might be of interest. Get the book from a library and try it. If you are not interested in it after a few pages, try a different book...

The expectation is that you try a book - any reading is better than none. Please feedback to your teachers, and also make suggestions which should be added to the list!